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/ a day in the life /

6:26 am - I wake up naturally, see that my Hubby is already gone (he leaves at 6, I usually hear him and we kiss goodbye, but not today).

6:36 am - my 10 minutes are up. Out of bed and time to get ready for the day. I have 22 steps.

6:55 am - I hear the automatic cat food feeder release the feast, I hear Pickles jump from the arm-moire to the dining table. The daily earthquake. I pray C sleeps through it.

7:11 am - I have showered, make-up'd, blow dried and flat ironed, I am ready! We might go to a church function tonight, so, just in case ... now I am back to my bed propped up and reading. I say a good morning prayer to God and thank Him for another day, ask for patience and wisdom, thank Him for my boy, and I also ask for Little C to sleep as late as possible. :)

7:52 am - Here he comes! Awake, and we cuddle in my bed for awhile. (Today is a better time than yesterday, yesterday he was awake at 6:15. No thanks).

8:30 am - we are upstairs now, we have already walked Mouse, my dog, she poo'd; I have swept the front sidewalk, looks like some wild animal burrows in the bark every night, so messy; I have started cleaning & organizing the classroom for this year (he's almost 7, and in 2nd Grade this year); I started a text convo with Naomi. I make my 1st cup of coffee at 8:55 and I feed Goliath the fish.

8:30 - 9:30 am - Breakfast of Champions! He has Quaker Oatmeal, and watermelon, and milk. I have oatmeal with Almond Milk.  Mouse had dog food. We get dressed, no more pajamas, he gets one Transformer cartoon show (26 minutes. Yesterday was bad, I'm riding the high of a good morning so he gets a show and I hope I'm not making a mistake here) ... I start my daily kitchen clean up  (breakfast is done), I'll be in here cleaning all day ... I sweep the kitchen, pantry and island area, Little C vacuums up these areas.

9:30 am - I have 2655 steps on my FitBit Alta. On the move!!  I make my bed, he makes his bed. brush our teeth, turn on our Josh Groban CD for background music, and,

9:50 am - We are settled in for school! A later start than I wanted, but oh well, we're very agreeable today. He starts with some reading aloud to me, workbooks pages for compound words, sentence structure, contraction words, MBS workbook pages. bible verse copy work ... he just did 1 hour of solid work. His fingers are tired from writing, it was a lot. I haven't moved much, have just been shuffling around the kitchen, across the granite island from him, cleaning up and getting the day prepped for more school work ...

10:50 am - But now we need a break. We are watching our neighbors (Wayne & Lucy) dog today. They will be gone morning to midnight.  We need fresh air so we head on over to visit Guy Noir (the dog), his first visit from us.

10:50 - 11:12 - We had a nice visit with Guy; we sat on the floor in the dining room, he was very calm and just sauntered between us both for lots of scratchy ribs and back rubs, he was happy. He drank water. It is 105 out, so yay, he's hydrated. It may sound crazy but we took him for a 5 minute walk. The foliage side of the street is still very shady in the morning so we walked slowly the length of 5 houses and back, he enjoyed the walk, barked a lot at the big brown pit bull who gets walked in our neighborhood. We got Guy back in the house, he did not want to go. He drank more water. We did more loving and then we squeezed -- holy heck that dog wants to go with you! -- through the front door! I have 4023 steps. Not too bad.

11:15 am - back to school! Proverbs 17:22, he has to find the book & verse and read it to me, then we discuss what it means; Kumon Learning to Tell Time workbook, he's getting really good!; review what a satellite is, and VEGGIE in space; #readaloudrevival time: Telling Time by Jules Older, and What Do You Do with an Idea. It's not a lot but during this time 1) my mom called and my cousin who has lung cancer is not doing well. He might be admitted today, He has been fighting with aggressive treatment, this horrible disease, for nearly 2 years. 2) I text my Hubby, Auntie Kathy, Naomi, my Pastors with the news, to ask for prayer, to send my love to David. We stop for lunch at:
12:50. I make a 2nd cup of coffee. I'm not sure if I need it or I just need the mindless comfort of making it. I'm very sad.

12:50 am - 1:20 pm - we've reached the afternoon, it's been a great day so far!  He is doing great, working hard and wanting to do the work, wanting to learn,. But he is hungry now and asks for ravioli's. I make them, he hates them. Big surprise. I eat them.  He has reheated mac-n-cheese and tofu. Yuck I say. But he loves tofu. I get on the computer for the first time today and start some office work, bills, appointments, stack of papers to shuffle through and hoping I get a couple done today ... and I clean the cat littler boxes.  1 cat called Pickles, 2 boxes. I'm not taking any changes on cat pee in my house. Been there before. And my steps are ... drum roll please ... 4821. Oh. Seems slow to me, if I'm going to reach my 12k daily goal.

1:20 pm - 1:50 pm - we continue our lunch break, he gets an hour or a little more total.  We go in the backyard, Mouse loves it!, Little C races on his big wheel, he still fits in it, and I go to my painting station and work on the guest bed. It's apart and about 1/3 completed at this point. I have had a small nagging headache all day but it's getting worse being outside.  It's 111 degrees, we have shade but it's so hot this summer! And I'm breathing paint fumes ... we both need professional grade masks ... my head hurts.  I stop working, he stops riding, the dog is thirsty, we all head inside.  The AC feels so good, it's 78 in the house.

1:50 pm - I take Excedrin for my head ache. Lunch break is over! Back to your seat! Just kidding, I'm not yelling, he is just very agreeable today! He puts away a couple toys and hustle's over. It's very nice. Time to use the pencil again, time for math. It's (+/-) 1-20 review and a McQueen Math workbook. New stuff, challenging.

And there it is. The magic left us for a few minutes ... he complained too too much about about the math and school and started begging for CSR2. I know it is hard for him and not his favorite. We review, we work together, he stalls and goofs off and starts talking about cars. Eventually I lose my cool, I raise my voice, told him to get it together, back to school time, stop goofing, I know it's hard, let's do this together, but to STOP the lolly-gagging!!! He stopped, he's getting the work done. Now he likes the word lolly-gagging.

2:18 pm - he finished 2 pages of math! And that is just the worksheets ... now he starts on the McQueen workbooks and he gets an apple & cheese cubes snack. He's hungry. I cut the apples wrong. #fail

During his math time I'm there, but not right there, he knows this stuff, the worksheets are review, so I clean the kitchen across from him. The lunch mess. I pick up my coffee mug, I remember making the 2nd cup because of David and I'm feeling sad again. The mug is empty, and I vaguely remember drinking it.

2:30 pm - Math still going ... I make notes of what the rest of the day might bring ... we need to see Guy Noir again, our dog needs a walk, our church is having a Frozen Yogurt Social tonight (1 hour drive away, all that traffic), but if we leave early we can go to Marshall's in town and do a return, and go the office store and get poster board that we need ... A lot of school work I still want us to do, but if we do go to church tonight, we need to be on the road by 4:30 ... 2 hours and counting ...

2:40 pm - Math break, that was 50 minutes of math. Tomorrow I will let him do just 30 minutes. He gets a break - and gets to empty all of the trashcans in the house: 5 bathrooms, 1 laundry room, 1 classroom, plus 1 recycle.

3:00 pm - Time to visit Guy Dog. Our 2nd time there today. We spent 30 minutes with him, took him for a quick walk. Came home and quick walked our dog. It's down to 107 outside.

3:40 pm - Less than 1 hour to decide if we go to the Church Social tonight ... the total amount of school done for C so far today ... roughly 3.5 hours. That is not much. But it might be enough. Yesterday he did 6 hours of school. He was moody yesterday but also a hard worker. Go figure. I'll get freshened up in case we go, he can play with his remote control cars.

4:13 pm - where did the time go? I got ready but started organizing my bedroom, seriously, a dumping ground for my stuff. We are going to the Frozen Yogurt Social, we need a treat. After all, we are in our 3rd week of school already, we've gotta play too :) Be back later ...

5:15 pm - phew! we arrived in town, traffic was brutal! It is a McDonald's night, drive thru and we went to our friends house, the kids played together while Naomi and I played Banana-gram and talked. A great hour together, the adult time, the friendships, feeling blessed! We went to the Frozen Yogurt Social with church at 6:30, a fun time there too!

7:45 pm we started the drive home, only took 35 minutes. Home at 8:20 ... C finally saw Daddy for the first time today, they played some of their iPad games together while I went next door to visit Guy and take him for a night walk. It feels wonderful outside, 77 degrees. A cool night will be so welcome.

9:00 pm - kiddo is in bed, 1 hour late. But, it is what it is. He'll be fine, and I hope he sleeps in so we can do this all again tomorrow ... it's a wonderful life. Now, I'm signing off to spend 30 minutes of time chatting with my Hubby before we head to bed as well. I am feeling tired already ... but first, check my steps, I was pretty active today in that I rarely sit down ... and the final result ... ZERO! NADA! NOTHING! NO STEPS! The battery died sometime this evening ... le sigh ...

/ independence day /

It was rather last minute, but we got to drive & ride our vintage '78 Ford, affectionately named Tom, in our small town parade! They needed another truck for the Little League / Baseball teams, and since we did Little League again this year, we jumped on it.
Hubby drove and our neighbor / great friend Mr. Wayne rode up front with him.
Our first time in a parade ... and we were allowed to spray the crowd with water guns, but did not know that grown men with homemade-super-soaker-extreme-power-shooters would be getting us back.  Like running up to the truck and full face spray us with power soakers! I'm glad I was wearing sunglasses, but sweet guy was not pleased with these turn of events. He spent the last 15 minutes hiding his face in my lap. I don't blame him.
However, brave boy did say he would like to participate next year but he'll be prepared with his rain gear, swim goggles and Captain America shield to deflect the water. Sounds like a plan
How was your 4th?