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It was rather last minute, but we got to drive & ride our vintage '78 Ford, affectionately named Tom, in our small town parade! They needed another truck for the Little League / Baseball teams, and since we did Little League again this year, we jumped on it.
Hubby drove and our neighbor / great friend Mr. Wayne rode up front with him.
Our first time in a parade ... and we were allowed to spray the crowd with water guns, but did not know that grown men with homemade-super-soaker-extreme-power-shooters would be getting us back.  Like running up to the truck and full face spray us with power soakers! I'm glad I was wearing sunglasses, but sweet guy was not pleased with these turn of events. He spent the last 15 minutes hiding his face in my lap. I don't blame him.
However, brave boy did say he would like to participate next year but he'll be prepared with his rain gear, swim goggles and Captain America shield to deflect the water. Sounds like a plan
How was your 4th?